Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Flieg's Song

When I joined the SCA many many years ago, I knew I could sing and I knew I could write lyrics and, to a certain extent, poetry. I need guidance, yet didn't know what I needed. The person who helped me was Frederick of Holland, then a Master of Arms living in the Shire of Beau Fleuve (Niagara Falls, NY, and its vicinity).

Flieg, as he is know by just about everyone, and his lady, Lady Nicorlynn of Caer Wydyr took myself and several others under their wings and helped us learn to fly in the SCA. I have known them for over 35 years, and have watched as he won the Crown in the East Kingdom and in the West Kingdom, where they moved after they left the East.

Along with many valuable lessons which he continued to impart across the miles and the years, Flieg left behind a song, which I call "Flieg's Song." It is a simple song which perfectly expresses the joys of being part of the SCA. It is the first song I ever memorized and sang in the Society. I have sung it for years at feasts, in camp, at bardic circles, and in my daughters' nurseries when they were wee lasses. It was their lullaby. I love this song almost as much as I love the man wrote it.

Today, I present it to you.


Flieg's Song

Lyrics - Duke Frederick of Holland
Music (Autumn to May) - Peter Yarrow and Paul Stuckey

Oh, when I was a little boy
I thought those tales so fine
Of Arthur and his noble court
Of Bors and Sir Gawain
Of all the Kings and Princes
And noble firm yet ruth
Now I've found the SCA
And all of it's the truth
Sing Derry-o-Day, Sing Autumn to May

Oh, when I was a little boy
I read of righting wrongs
Of villains base and knights so brave
The noblesse of the strong
I read of griffins, dragons foul
And unicorns so fair
Now I've joined the SCA
And all of them are there
Sing Derry-o-Day, Sing Autumn to May

Oh, when I was a little boy
I longed to be knight
To fight beside my king at war
Break spears at tourneys bright
To be the King myself one day
Hold court in a high hall
Now I've joined the SCA
And I have done them all
Sing Derry-o-Day, Sing Autumn to May

Oh, when I was a little boy
I dreamed of lady fair
With eyes so bright and neck so white
Her love would be my air
I met her at a tourney
her favor's on my sleeve
Yes, now I've found the SCA
I'll never ever leave
Sing Derry-o-Day, Sing Autumn to May



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  1. Hey, Fridrikr -

    There's a minor typographical error in the lyrics for the first verse: "... noble-s- firm yet ruth....". I perform it a little more slowly, but that's why there are different covers for many songs. I take it that you managed to get permission for the tune; bravo!

  2. Great poem, I think the parallelism of 'O When I was a little boy' works so well, and makes gives it a lot of character!