Sunday, May 13, 2012

Two verses on The Avengers

Yep. The Avengers is out on DVD. I saw The Avengers, and I enjoyed it, even if Steed and Mrs. Peel weren't in there. One battle scene was Elder Edda-ish for me and I've described it in there two verses, again in English.

Just For Fun!!!!! Anyone taking these seriously should get out more often......


Stood then Loki steadfast
Stared at Green skinned terror,
Took in Chaos's cousin
Cool commanded, "FOOL!"
"Think I fear you Forsworn
Frog-hued Jotun's dog-leashed?
Kneel before me Null-brain
Now at my Wrath Cower!"

Jotun's leaf-man laughed then
Leered at Muspell's steersman,
Oðling tore from Terra
tossed the Trickster crossways.
Dale of Dain's kin dented 
Deep with godling creepy:
Green-clad Hulkster grinning
Growled, "Loon god's puny!"


So, Jotun is a giant, the Muspell are monsters, Oðing is one of Loki´s aliases, Dain is a Dwarf, his kins' dale is the Earth.

I hope it works for you. You can comment below or here.

The Fisherman (in English this time)

I've been working on a poem with an eye to a lesson on how I transform ideas in English to poems in Old Norse-Icelandic. On the way there, I wrote a poem in English, something I seldom do because, well, "Dammit, I'm a skald, Jim, not a poet!" However, I think this one turned out pretty well. So I'm swerving from my usual path and publishing a poem in English here. It's called "The Fisherman" and it's about much much more than its title promises. It's for Cy, Aunt Ellen, and a myriad of others I've never met.


On morning's light  you'd go to let
the fish come jump into your net
and every one you could recall.
No matter be they large or small
You'd fish and each became a grain
to think upon when morn brought rain
to darken skies. You'd calmly set
your bait, your hooks, and then your net.

Your bait, your hooks, and then your net
in high noon's warmth you'd always set
to bring home more. And then compare
with those you caught from everywhere
and some you'd keep, still more you'd free
to go back to the loving sea -
For now the sea your net fills full
with fish, to think upon and mull.

With fish to think upon and mull
until they overflow the hull
of ship. And yet by night your seine
unravels and by day your mein
no longer pulls a net to give
you fish, but rather pulls a sieve.
And thus into the night you sail
but fish no more, your nets have failed.


I hope you enjoyed it. You can post comments below.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Geirþeyr (Spear Storm)

This poem is a revision of Vigþeyr which I wrote last year. As I noted in a post not too long ago, the main improvements lie in the stef which is now in true runhendr, in the rhyme schemes which have been tightened, and in the grammar, which I believe has been much improved.

As this is a significantly longer poem than most of my efforts, I know it's difficult to get a grasp on in a blog reading. Because of this, I'm putting it up as a pdf which you can download and read at your leisure. Also, there is a recording you can listen to.

The poem itself is designed as a call to war for the seven baronies of our Kingdom. I hope that many will choose to read it.



As always, your comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated,

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

To those of my readers in the SCA, Happy New Year! (May 1 starts the SCA calendar. The New Year is the Year of the Society - Anno Societatis - 47).

To ALL of my readers, my thanks. When I started this blog a year ago, I had no idea if anyone would pay any attention to it. I have been very pleasantly surprised (and sometimes, puzzled) by the response to it. As of last evening when I wrote this blog entry, the views of his blog were a tad short of 4300. While I don'y pretend that I'm setting records or anything, I am both pleased and thankful for your views and support, which has come from over 50 nations on six continents. Simply amazing! Thanks to you all.