Sunday, May 13, 2012

Two verses on The Avengers

Yep. The Avengers is out on DVD. I saw The Avengers, and I enjoyed it, even if Steed and Mrs. Peel weren't in there. One battle scene was Elder Edda-ish for me and I've described it in there two verses, again in English.

Just For Fun!!!!! Anyone taking these seriously should get out more often......


Stood then Loki steadfast
Stared at Green skinned terror,
Took in Chaos's cousin
Cool commanded, "FOOL!"
"Think I fear you Forsworn
Frog-hued Jotun's dog-leashed?
Kneel before me Null-brain
Now at my Wrath Cower!"

Jotun's leaf-man laughed then
Leered at Muspell's steersman,
Oðling tore from Terra
tossed the Trickster crossways.
Dale of Dain's kin dented 
Deep with godling creepy:
Green-clad Hulkster grinning
Growled, "Loon god's puny!"


So, Jotun is a giant, the Muspell are monsters, Oðing is one of Loki´s aliases, Dain is a Dwarf, his kins' dale is the Earth.

I hope it works for you. You can comment below or here.

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