Friday, January 4, 2013

Þúsundir runhendt (in honor of 10,000 hits)

In Old Norse, a number such as 10,000 was very much an imaginary number. No one had to count that high. Thus, Þúsundir "thousands" indicates an enormous number. Today, this blog had its ten thousandth hit. In honor of that, I bring my loyal readers a little runhendt:

Tólgs tré glóa
Þundregns flóa
þúsundir sæll
Nýjarit tel

Tallow trees glow
Þunds rain flows
Thousands happy
New Year count

The kennings are:

Tólgs tré - tallow trees - CANDLES
Þundregns - Þunds rain - Oðin's rain - POETRY

Thank you to ALL who have viewed this blog!