Saturday, May 14, 2011

A Summer Storm (Updated 5/16/2011)

Again, previously posted elsewhere.  This is a straight up verse of dróttkvætt, written to play with kennings.  There are a couple of kennings I invented (those for hail).  The rest are standards.  Hear It Here.

Hlenni jotuns hrönn brim
hagli strengjar brenna
mági Ullar mégum
morðhjols hlamman slamra;
skýja-grjót skinna
sáran hoggum markar;
Húfu tannar Hǫgna
hátunnu regns dynja.

The thief of the giants’ horn-surf
hail of the bowstring burns.
the kin of Ullr’s everywhere
killing wheel’s din slams.
Sky-stones skin
viciously strike the forests;
The hat denter of Hogni
of the high barrel of rains pours
Prose Order:
Hlenni jotuns hrönn brim hagli strengjar brenna; mági Ullar morðhjols hlamman slamra mégum.  skýja-grjót skinna sáran hoggum markar; Húfu tannar Hǫgna dynja {at}hátunnu regns.
Prose Translation:
The thief of Jotun’s horn surf’s [ODIN’S] hail of the bowstrings [ARROWS] burns.  Ullr’s kin’s [THOR’S] killing wheel’s [SHIELD’S] din slams everywhere.  Sky-stones [HAIL] viciously strike the forests’ skin [BARK]; The hat-denter of Hogni [HAIL] pours {from} the high barrels of rains [CLOUDS]
A simplified prose translation would read:
Lightning burns. Thunder slams everywhere.  Hail strips tree-bark viciously. Hail from the clouds pours.
This verse contains four consecutive, related, independent clauses.  It also uses four long involved kennings (see below) in lines 1-2,  3-4, 7.
Kennings used:
Lines 1-2: [Hlenni jotuns hrönn brim = the thief of the Giants’ {Jotun’s} horn-surf > mead > poetry > OÐINN’S] + [hagli strengjar = hail of the bowstrings > ARROWS] = LIGHTNING 
Lines 3-4: [mági Ullar = Ullr’s kin > THOR’S] + [morðhjols = killing wheel > SHIELD’ S] + [hlamman = DIN] = THUNDER
Line 5: [skýja-grjót = cloud-stones > HAIL]
Lines 5-6: [markar skinna = forests’ skin > TREE BARK]
Line 7: [tannar = the denter of] +  húfu Hogni > Hogni’s cap > helmet] =  HAIL
Line 8: [hátunnu regns = high barrel of rains > CLOUDS]

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