Saturday, May 28, 2011

Thank you! and a Plug......

Hej, all!

One of the most interesting blogs I have read in a very long time is the Tattúínárdœla Saga written by Jackson Crawford. It is re-imagining of the Star Wars story as an Icelandic Saga. Jackson is both creative and detailed.  His adaptation of the plot of the movies in engaging and often surprising.  I encourage you to go read it!

I'd like to publicly thank Jackson for his kind words about my blog in his most recent posting.  I hope I can live up to his high praise.

The end of this week brings a new update to the víg-þeyr (war storm) dróttkvætt.  I am slowly learning iMovie and have put up a new recording of the poem.  You can check out the posting here or hear the new recording here.

As always, I appreciate comments.  Even if it´s just to identify yourself, say you listened or read, and to tell me where you´re from, I´d like to hear from you!

Back to reading Old Icelandic prose in preparation for the saga of the brothers Thorvaldarson.

Take care,

Friðrekr / Tom


  1. Thanks in kind for the link Friðríkr, but I'm not Dr Crawford yet. I passed my prelims but am a long way from having a complete dissertation.

  2. Sorry about that :). I know that you'll get there quickly & with high honors, Jackson.