Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Response to "For Freya"

This morning, I opened my mail to find a note from Dahrien Cordell, a very good friend from the Kingdom of Northshield.  I will take the liberty of quoting his posting verbatim.  


My response includes a recording, and Fridrik's letter to which I respond, and is here in its entirety:

For those who can't get to the web, at all or now, here is the poem from that response:

A Drottkvaett For Freya, Fridrik's Friend, And Bane Of The Lazy Morn

For Kitten, Friend keens, flown
Fair on wings to wary gods.
Word-mead flows, wounds deadens
Worked on heart in night's flight.
Past Odin's pawn, day-cloak
Pads soft as had Freya:
Words and hours build, brag of
Bane of short-lived cheese-thief.

Nip-drunk mischief now sits,
Namesake's horse to laugh for!
Oak-hoard Elm-weight carries,
Ottar's fool-skin, Hoo-hoo!
Foolish beasts live such fates,
Forlorn they -- Cat cavorts!
Great-Elm's mantle Bird-blooms, but
Best perch: honest Freya's!

Watches she from world-tree,
Wanders not her hot gaze:
Yawning, yaulping, yelling,
Yellow-head wants his bed.
Fish-gnash, milk-lap, mouse-bat,
Missed, working still her will --
Puss would pad on face else,
Purloining same >Bleep!< sleep.

-- Dahrien  =)


Please, go to his site and listen to this, as well as reading it.  My enduring thanks to Dahrien for this kind gift.



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