Thursday, August 23, 2012

It's a Beginning, Part two

So, in the past two days, three more verses of The Song of the Twelve have been written. They are not in their final order (a couple of intervening verses need to be written), but they are in pretty close to their final form. Those who know the tale they go with will recognize that I've changed the villain's name; it's, ummm, irony. For those who like that kind of stuff, here you go (Old Norse verses, followed by poetic translation; kennings at the end. The form is ríma - see "It's A Beginning" for details):

Old Norse

Drengi hôr hringdrífr
hjalmôru þín leiddir
fylgdu banar-hlifa
til bardaga, hrafngreddir

Blétuð karlaskar fjándum
með jafnan kappi miklu
ok Æsir yfir lóndum
at yndi eggmôts bliku.

Hríðkǫttr kallar frændum
ásjá þín hverr beðit
en kǫttar sonr snuízk í fjándum
ok seimtýnir forréðit.

Poetic Translation

Gallant lofty ring-strewer
led you helmet envoys -
banes of shield walls followed
to battle, raven-feeder.

Enemies' souls you offered
Aesir with great zeal
whose love of edge storm shone
upon you, brave land-ruler.

Snowcat called you kinsman
who begged for your protection
but the cat's son turned your foeman
and betrayed you, gold-destroyer.

Kennings Used

hringdrífr > ring-strewer > RULER
hjalmôru > helmet envoys > WARRIORS
hrafngreddir > raven-feeder > WARRIOR, JARL
eggmôts > edge-storm > BATTLE
kǫttar sonr > cat's son > BASTARD
seimtýnir > Gold-destroyer > JARL


When the entire set of songs (probably totaling 12 to 15 verses) are completed, I'll post a reading of it all. For now, I hope you like it. Please give me comments below or Send Mail

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