Saturday, August 4, 2012

Foes and Friends Forever

For those of you who are in the SCA, you may have heard that I was elevated by TRM Andreas and Kallista to the Most Noble Order of the Laurel. Her Majesty then invited me to be one of her bards for the Known World Bardic Challenge at the Pennsic Wars. As you read this entry, the circle has ended, and the following poem received its world debut.

The theme of the circle was Enemies and Friends , and this poem catches the theme, I think.  It is written in English, in the dróttkvætt meter. The kennings are pretty simple.


Foes and Friends Forever
Battle joined by bitter
bold foes crying old gripes -
blood is let by blade-Tyrs
blasting horns call fast spears.
Sword-storm's lightning seering
seething helm-lines heaving -
Iron-gods' knights-errant
On field reddened yield not.

Day's heat on the hot field
hammers foes in gam'sons
drives the sword-tree droves
drained of precious rains-gift.
Seek the helm-folk sacred
sups of Odin's cup-streams.
Find they there the fiend-men
friends to glad-night's ending.

Joined by valor's gentle
jumbling, spear-foes humbled
honor's love find intact.
Armored not gainst harm now,
point-din yields til pint-song
peals from laughing steel-oaks -
spear-trees come from spar-storm
sword-gods hug their war-friends.


You can hear the poem by clicking below:


I hope you enjoyed the poem. Please let me know by commenting below or by writing me.

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