Friday, November 4, 2011

Hverja nótt húns (Every bear´s night) [NaPoWriMo # 4]

November 4 - Verse # 4

Today was a long day and I had very little inspiration to write. However, thanks to a set of replies to a "give me a word" posting, I got some inspiration. The verse is a description of winter, a kenning for which is Hverja nótt húns "Every bear's night".  There are a few kenningar in the verse - explained in the notes following it.



Hverja nótt húns

Old Icelandic Line Translation Prose Order Translation
Skikkja djupgr seil-ras
snæugr hylja inn skógr-fjall;
hærð orms gamla galla
gellan kominn hélu.
Sofari-hells síngjarn
snerkja af vin-berja;
af eplar-frosinn fuglar
fátídir fors-fullr þrátta.
Mantle deep of earth-rope
snowy hides mountain-forest;
haired worms ancient gall
yelling arrived rime.
Greedy Cave-sleeper
snores because of wine-berry;
over apples-frozen birds
strange angry quarrel.
The deep snowy mantle of earth-rope
hides the mountain-forest;
rime-haired ancient worm´s gall
yelling arrived.
The greedy cave-sleeper
snores from berry-wine
(while) strange angry birds
quarrel about frozen-apples.


Kennings Used

seil-ras > earth-rope > SNAKE
orms galla > worm's gall > WINTER
sofari-hells  > cave-sleeper > BEAR

I hope you enjoyed the verse.  Comment below, please!

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