Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Just a song before I go, To whom it may concern.

No, I'm not quite leaving, but, the Thanksgiving weekend is upon us and with the impending visit of my daughter (and follower) Brigid! whom I love and have greatly missed. She has been living in Austin since February, making a new home for herself, and I am very proud of her!

Anyway, before I disappear for the couple of days, I have two postings. The first one is sort of silly.

This morning, a friend of mine, Carrie DeWeese, posted this YouTube link to the Court Jester at Facebook:

This was pretty durned coincidental, given that I'm working on a þáttr concerning a tournament.  The "Vessel with the Pestle" routine has made me grin and giggle for almost fifty years, and it occurred to me that it should have been done in Old Icelandic, of course. :) Twenty minutes later, the four lines were done.

drykkin með dreka
er kuppr með koppa
eða pelit með pila
hefr vini al-hreinna

The drink with the dragon
is the cup with the pellet
but the bottle with the pestle
holds the wine that is pure.

Anyway, the real, serious posting follows soon.  Have a great Thanksgiving, all.

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