Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Vár-dagar (Spring-days)

From Persephone to Brigit to Iðunn, every culture has a Spring goddess and a Spring myth. In Old Norse, the tale of the god of poetry Bragi's wife Iðunn and her kidnapping by the giant Þjazi, which causes the gods (and the world) to grow old, is the tale of Winter and its defeat by the renewing powers of Spring. Although her silver apples do not make an appearance in this verse of Spring, Iðunn and her healing powers are the controlling images.


Old Norse Verse Word-by-Word Translation Prose-Order Translation
Bragis kona brǫgðrotts
brað-sól drif-fastu lífgað;
undir bragð sœt engjar
af nýju hennar eflask.
Brún ok dal ís brandar
bræða Iðuns bæði
ok forða blóm fagr-vaxinn
faðm-lag ísa dauð-ligt.
Bragi's wife crafty
sun-bright the drift-bound revives
under countenance sweet meadows
a-new her grow strong.
Ridge and dale ice brands
melt Iðun's both
and escape blossoms fair-standing
embrace of ice deadly
Crafty Bragi's sun-bright
wife revives the drift-bound.
Under her sweet countenance
meadows grow strong again.
Iðunn's brands melt both
ice-ridge and ice-dale
and fair blossoms escape
deadly ice-embrace.


Kennings Used

Bragis konaIðunn
Iðuns brandarIðun's brands/swords > Sun-beams


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