Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Vetr-veðr (Winter-weather)

So, here we are in "First Month", the equinox behind us and Easter about to be upon us, and I'm writing about .... winter, the season we never seemed to have in upstate New York this year.  This verse uses a number of mythological references, especially to the giants who are associated with the dark, cold times in Eddaic tales.


Old Norse Verse Word-by-Word Translation Prose-Order Translation
Þagnaðu er þegnar
Þorra flugar bruggi;
festar vetrar fast-liga
fagr kæfaðu gerði;
hremddu á hrimþursar
hringi-grundar brún-vita;
jakar frystat Jǫkulls
ýsna fyrir lý-skála
Grew silent when thegns
of Thorri birds schemed;
clutched at rime-thurses
rings of the ground white-browed;
chains of winter tightly
fair choked fields;
the ice-floes froze of Jokull
haddock's over fish-hall.
Birds grew silent when
Thorri's thegns schemed.
Chains of winter tightly
choked fair fields.
White-browed rime-thurses
clutched at ground-rings.
Jokull's ice-floes froze
over the haddock's fish-hall.


Kennings Used

þegnar Þorra > Thanes of Thorri ("frozen snow") > WINTER
hrimþursar > Rime-giants > WINTER
hringi-grundar > ground-rings > SNAKES
Jǫkull > ("icicle, glacier") a Giant name > WINTER
lý-skála > fish hall > LAKE or SEA


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