Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hrafni-hattr (Raven-hat)

So, before Austin and San Antonio (The trip was, by and large great fun. We enjoyed great weather, got to be very touristy, saw a bit of South by Southwest, visited the Alamo, enjoyed wonderful food - if you like Tex-Mex, try Trudy's on Burnet Road - their Smoked Chicken Molé is a marvel! We saw The Artist, which is a great movie), I put up the following picture from the upcoming Lone Ranger  movie and a challenge.

Today it's my turn to post a verse. This may be a wee-bit far-fetched, but at least I left out, "Hi-ho, Silver! Away!" I´ll give you the Old Norse, followed only by a translation. It's truly THAT simple. Jackson Crawford - your turn!


Skraelings hattr skraut-ligr
skrafa laga-mann afreks.
"farðu lags-manna fárs-morðs
frek-liga hefnd-rektú"
Grimu-ridi graman
grá-eygr sárlóm heyra:
"hǫfum vit á hefni
hraun-skegg eða deyjum!" 

Showy hat of the Skraeling
talks to law-man valiant.
"(you) Go and harshly vengeance gain
for kinsmen foully murdered!"
Masked rider grey-eyed listens 
to angry blood-loon:
"Gain we vengeance
Wild-man or we die!"



Did you know that Tonto's name comes from the Potawatomie language and means "Wild One"? This explains "hraun-skegg" in line 8.

Skraelings hattr skraut-ligr > Skaeling's showy-hat > RAVEN
laga-mnn > law-man > the LONE RANGER
sárlóm > blood loon > RAVEN


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  1. That one is really cool! I can actually hear Tonto saying those lines : )