Monday, April 16, 2012

For Queen Kallista

Yes, it's about time --- I know, I'm late. I started this on Saturday last at the Coronation of Kallista and Andreas, Queen and King of Æthelmearc. The verse is relatively straight forward, except that praise lines for Her Majesty are inserted between lines of action. In any case, here is the poem.


Old Norse Word-by-Word Translation Prose-Order Translation
Sverðtré hvattu svartbrynn
(svanni grœngeils fannvit)
á frágǫrðum frœkligum
(fríðast, sváss ok bliðust).
Drjúgtmanna bjoða dróttningu
(dreglaðr raftré fegna
rauðharr verndar ratitosks)
rausnarkona hraustviðs.
Sword-tree you prompted black-browed
(swan of green-glen snow-white)
To surpassing feats valiant
(most beautiful, sweet, and gentlest)
Crowds proclaim you queen
(ribbon-trimmed amber tree joyful
red-haired friend of squirrel)
magnificent lady of the valiant woods.
You prompted the black-browed sword tree
to valiant surpassing feats
o snow-white swan of the green glen
most beautiful, sweet, and gentlest.
Crowds proclaim you queen,
magnificent lady of the valiant woods
Joyful ribbon-trimmed amber tree -
red-tressed friend of the squirrel.


Kennings Used

Sverðtré svart-brynn > sword tree black-browed > ANDREAS
grœngeils > of the green-glens > SYLVAN GLEN
svanni fannvit > swan snow-white > KALLISTA
raftré > amber tree > KALLISTA
hraustviðs > valiant woods > AETHELMEARC


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