Monday, December 5, 2011

Dags kyndill (Day´s candle)

Today was a gloomy one in upstate New York, another in what will become a depressing string of sullen, dismal days. I hope we get snow before Christmas, but until we do, I fear it will be "rain, rain,go away...."

One of my friends, Julie Golick, a skald from Canada (Montréal, I believe), mentioned the guttering day's candle this morning and lit a small votive flame for my skaldic side. What follows is what she inspired. It is intended to be quasi-religious, using the sun as a metaphor for the Blessed Virgin Mary. The rest follows from that central image. I hope it works on both levels, however.


Dags kyndill
Old Icelandic Literal Translation Idiomatic Translation
Dags kyndill dylisk
dúkar hon eru lúku;
aldri neitar illar
ylir synds-trja gyldr
Dyrkað vér djarf-liga
dǫglingr fróns sólar:
silki-dúkar skilja
svart-grána ok regn-ful;
láta kynda léttast
lyfit logi skýja.
Days candle hides
curtains her are drawn;
ever denies evil
warmth sin-trees golden.
Beg we boldly
king of the land of the sun:
Silky-curtains part
dark-gray and rain-filled;
let kindle most cheerful
healing light of the clouds
The days-candle hides -
her curtains are drawn;
(she) ever denies evil
sin-trees golden warmth.
King of the Land of the Sun,
we boldly beg (that you)
part the dark-gray,
rain-filled curtains
(and) let the most cheerful
healing light of the clouds kindle


Kennings Used

Dags kyndel  > Day's candle   >  SUN
dúkar  >  curtain  >  CLOUDS
synds-trja  >  sin-trees  >  MEN
dǫglingr fróns sólar  >  king of the land of the sun  >  king of Heaven  >  GOD
silki-dúkar  >  silky-curtains  >  CLOUDS
logi  skýja  >  light of the clouds  >  SUN



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